My Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

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So knowing your personal strengths and weaknesses can give you a lot of insights in understanding and changing yourself. And it will help you to .

That’s a tough question. In general it’s much better to focus on using your personal strengths and try to control your weaknesses. A good business strategy can be to focus your energies on your strength only and try to outsource or delegate tasks that would bring you into your personal weaknesses.

So I have to work on those weaknesses in order to not make them matter too much in my life. Everybody has 1 or 2 weaknesses that you have to keep in check. If you don’t they will produce negative consequences and may even disrupt your efforts while you use your personal strength.

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It is a sign of strength to be weak, to know it, and to manage it, but a sign of weakness to be unaware of our faults and mistakenly believe we are strong. Oddly enough, many people are unaware of their many strengths. It is important to recognize our inner resources, for until we do, we will fail to use them. The sad fact is a strong person unaware of his strength is no more useful than a weak person.

Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

I feel that one of my greatest strengths is that I love to learn. Life to me is a never-ending learning experience. As we go through our life it is vital that we learn who we are and have the ability to grow from our own strengths and weaknesses. I feel by overcoming my weaknesses and reinforcing my strengths that I will become more successful in both my personal and professional life.

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Working on your weaknesses is worthwhile. It balances your character, removes the otherwise hard edges, which makes life easier for you and makes you a more enjoyable person to be with. And then, exactly as I said it before in the comment above already and as you put it: “…as I have eliminated or smoothed out my weaknesses my strengths began to become more apparent.” – so yes, I think working on your weaknesses makes total sense. Your biggest successes will probably still come from using your strength then.

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Having the desire to improve on your weaknesses is the first step to growth and development. I am certain that because of my strengths, I am good at what I do however; I do have weaknesses that I have to overcome and improve. My personal weakness at work is lack of leadership. Currently I am in a position in which I do not possess the title of management. As a result, I basically feel that I do...

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This is an essay on personal strengths and weaknesses. All individuals are different, everyone has a set of characteristics that make him or her unique, and special, these are the qualities that differentiate humans.

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... and authoritarian work, abiding to help ordinary people, and business mind people move towards market based economies through financial sector restructuring, infrastructure development, privatization and guideline. As I stated in my previous paper for this class, Personal Strengths and Weaknesses ...

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You've submitted a good essay on personal strengths and weaknesses. Many of us realize that we have to work on our weaknesses, but your point about working on strengths as well was insightful. Your skills in leadership, organization, and teamwork must stand you in good stead in the business world which prizes such attributes. I especially liked your determination as expressed in your optimism that you can achieve any goal. Well done!

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I am very much like any other person, I don’t feel that I have any superhuman qualities that make me perfect, but I do know and appreciate some of my strengths and weaknesses. And I have always made an effort to minimize the weak characteristics. On the other hand there are some qualities I posses which are an asset and help me in my work-related environment as well as in my personal life.