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My Belief: Essays on Life and Art is a collection of essays by Hermann Hesse

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Have you ever felt the chills that come from realizing what you’re listening to? Or seeing something so inspirational and influential that it makes you feel and act a certain way from then on? If so, then you have experienced something that you should always remember when you ponder on how your passion of something became alive; and the story behind it. While I was growing up there were few things I was truly passionate about. Although nothing was of huge interest to me; there was always one thing that had my heart. That was the game of football. Whether it was playing a pickup game in the park or playing in a playoff game, I was laying it all out on the line. Soon my high school years came around, and I found myself getting playing time on the varsity team as a freshman. I took advantage of it and did the best I could. It was an amazing experience. When sophomore year came around I came into the year with a big head and a bad attitude. I wasn't putting in the work that I should've and it definitely showed out on the field. It took me the whole year to realize what I had just wasted, and the realization all started because of a movie. My eyes became open to what was in front of me. Watching the movie Friday Night Lights for the first time made me change my view on the valuable life lessons and memories that come along with playing high school football.

Friday Night Lights is a movie that came out in October of 2004. It is a movie based on the city of Odessa, Texas and its high school football team the Permian Panthers. It is a small city where nothing matters but football on Friday nights underneath the lights. In the movie a core group of seniors is ready to embark on a season that they will remember and hold onto for the rest of their lives. In the first game they win with ease, but also run into the career ending injury of their star player Booby Miles. After the injury the team, school, and city all believe their season is slowl...

I have made it my life's work to find NATURAL ways to improve the, because that is the Alpha and Omega not just of art, but of both personal evolution, as well as societal and racial evolution for all human beings. I've been surprisingly successful; it is actually really easy to start a process whereby a person gets their own energy mind online, and starts to be able to receive data streams from the energy mind which produce the all important ideas, visions and inspirations that are the genesis point for ANY WORK OF ANY KIND OF ART.*

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Five years ago, I became the member of a new community, a community of siblings. I was an only child for over twelve years. Life was great- I had my parents' undivided attention and no one stealing my toys. Then my world changed dramatically. Our family was blessed with three baby girls. I went from being the center of the universe ,to one of Pluto's moons. My life of order spiraled into disorder. "Me time" became "story time." Now I'm in high school with three baby sisters. They cry at my basketball games when the buzzer blares, escape onto the court during volleyball warm-ups, but melt my heart nonetheless. Plenty of my friends have younger siblings, but none are babies. While my friends were teaching their siblings how to skateboard and throw a fastball, I was changing diapers and rocking babies so my mom could shower. While buddies were helping their sisters with homework, I was feeding mine oatmeal in their high-chairs so my dad could grill. My sisters are finally old enough that I can teach them to shoot a basketball and skip and to create snowflakes from popsicle sticks and sparkles. I can now explain simple math on their fingers and perform science experiments with a coke can and a flame. Above all, I now also understand the meaning of the phrase "herding cats." My new micro-community has turned my world upside down, changing me forever. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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I was set up on a blind date by my parents (barf I know) and it worked! We met on a Saturday in April 2010 and have been together everyday since then! I graduated with my associates of Liberal Arts from Scottsdale Community College in June. Attending SCC was a very important chapter in my life. I absolutely loved all of the classes that I took and all of my professors. I matured miles and found my niche in the academic world.

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I decided to start looking for internships for the summer and then things completely changed. My advisor recommended I email an attorney’s office that had asked for interns previously but was not looking this semester. I sent out an email and heard back right away, the intern that they had found was unable to work at the last-minute. I made a resume and cover letter in 48 hours with the help of my family and my advisor (wow that was stressful, thank you all for that)! I had the interview and rocked it! I started interning for the marketing department and fell in love with the office, employees, and the work that I was doing. I was then asked to be interviewed by the ASU English Department about my internship- I was nominated by my advisor for excelling. As the spring semester came to an end I knew I would have to say goodbye. But they offered me a full-time position! I am now the legal marketing assistant and it’s great! I am learning marketing, writing, editing, and legal skills that I will be able to use for the rest of my life.

1/30/2012 · My Belief: Essays on Life and Art is a collection of essays by Hermann Hesse . The essays, written between 1904 and 1961, were originally published in …

I always thought that art, drawing, and sketching was boring and a waste of time. During the time I was exploring graffiti art I felt that my life was falling down in pieces and that’s where I gave graffiti art a chance. I felt that there was people who told me that I should get into graffiti art because they thought that I would shape my life different and improve it to make me happy. They also told me that I should get into graffiti art so I can view the world differently. It was during those times when I felt that I was alone and I didn’t have anyone to myself. Once I was into graffiti art I realized that I can express myself with art and I can do so many sorts of things with art. I have been meaning to compile my summer 2011 goal list but I been so busy with life that it’s not happening until the middle of June! I took my LSAT on June 6th to apply to law schools and feel exceptionally relieved that it is over. I took a prep class at the Princeton Review that absolutely drained me for 6 hours a week of lessons not including the 3 hours spent taking practice tests each week. I really benefited from the class but I am glad its done! During my time studying for my LSAT I took my Spring 2011 finals and was finishing up my internship. Then my internship turned into a full-time 40 hours a week job and ooohhhh yeah the start of two online summer classes. When do I have time to breathe? Good question- I have never been this busy in my life but I love it. Of course doing 5 million things was not enough for me so I decided to start a summer goals list!